Heavenly Home

Session 9 - 4 p.m.

W. Tom Hall

Is there something better out there?

We have been struggling with disease disappointment discouragement and even death in the past year. Is this life all there is? When we draw our last breath to those of us who are followers of Jesus and faithful to the end, Heaven is a reality.

Please be a part of this presentation An Hour with Jesus.

About the Speaker: W. Tom Hall

W. Tom Hall is the Evangelist for the Mt. Pleasant Church of Christ of Bowling Green, Kentucky. Prior to coming to Mt. Pleasant, he was the pulpit preacher for Holly Hill Church of Christ in Frankfort, Ky. for sixteen years.

Tom has spoken for chapel programs, revivals, banquets, youth events, retreats, lectureships, gospel meetings and various civic groups and functions. He is certified to teach Active Parenting classes. He annually makes a trip to the Eastern Caribbean to teach and preach. He has experience as a play by play radio broadcaster for high school football and basketball.

He is married to Tina and they have two daughters, Summer and Jenilyn.

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