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Lesson Preview: Session 7

Standing Up for the Deity of Christ

The subject assigned to me is THE DIVINE NATURE OF JESUS CHRIST. Even for Christians probably more readily think of the human nature of Jesus.  After all, the majority of the New Testament account of the life of Jesus concerns his sojourn on earth in the flesh. But we must always remember that Jesus Christ is an eternal Being, a member of the Godhead three (The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Every Christian should diligently study God's word to understand that divine nature. To that purpose my lesson will examine the Old Testament prophecies concerning the divine nature of Jesus Christ, the fact that  His works prove He is a divine being, that His words also present proof of His deity, and, finally, His resurrection  is powerful proof of His deity.

Owen G. Solomon
Elizabethtown, Kentucky

Luke 6:46