A Family to Belong To

Session 6 - 1:00 p.m.

Mike Greene

Nothing is more precious in this life than family. One thing that makes family so precious is the sense of belonging we associate with our families. It is not by accident that Jesus and the Bible use familial language to describe the relationship between Himself, God and his disciples. When we are in Christ, we truly have a family we can belong to.

Join us 1:00 pm at the "An Hour of Jesus" event to learn more about the Benefits of Joining the Family that Jesus offers!

About the Speaker: Mike Greene

Mike Greene is a recently retired Full-time gospel preacher, but that doesn't mean that he has quit. He now serves as the Director of the Nashville School of Preaching. He also preaches many Gospel Meetings around the country and even internationally. He has preached at several 12 Hours of Jesus events in the past.

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