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Lesson Preview: Session 4

Guarding Against Idolitry

Idols. Usually when someone says the word idol (s) we think of an uncivilized people group bowing down and worshipping their gods that are made out of wood, stone, or gold. It is interesting that John reminds his Christian readers in I John 5:21 that they needed to guard themselves from idols. What makes it interesting is that there is no evidence that this congregation had problems with idols. John reminds us to stand up for Jesus by knocking down the idols of this world. But what are the idols of this world? Idols are more than just false gods made out of wood, stone, or gold that one may bow down to worship. An idol is anything that keeps you from worshipping and following the one and true living God, the creator God. Anything can be considered an idol, even inherently good gifts from God like your family or job. In everything we do we must give God the glory and honor that is due him. Hope you will join us as we think about how to stand up for Jesus by knocking down idols.

Zack Martin, Minister
Louisville, Kentucky

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