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Lesson Preview: Session 3

Standing Up for the OT Prophecies of Jesus

Believe in God. Believe the Bible. Believe in Jesus. Why? Why should anyone believe? We live in a modern world, and, well, that way of thinking is just old, isn’t it? Join us at Twelve Hours of Jesus to hear “Standing Up for the Old Testament Prophecies of Jesus” to hear some of the evidence as to why humankind should still believe. The Old Testament Prophecies of Jesus are some of the most compelling evidence for the existence of God, the inspiration of Scripture, and the Messiahship of Jesus. We will look at just a few of the many cases of prophecy and fulfillment that help us to understand the worlds beyond our sight and experience. We will examine the Works of Jesus that reveal his anciently prophesied mission. We will consider the Wonder of Jesus, to see how He came to be with us, as foretold. Finally, we will consider the Worth of Jesus, and how it was known in the Old Testament and shown in the New. Jesus: All of History is His Story.

Mark Weaver, Minister
Clarkson, Kentucky

Luke 6:46