December 28, 2019
Session 2 - 9:00 a.m.

Why Jesus?

...Because We Need a New Start!

If you are like me, I played many games with the neighborhood children when I was a child. Often there were disagreements in the way that the game unfolded. When the impasse couldn’t get resolved quickly, someone would yell “Do Over”. A “Do Over” was a reset of past events and new start to the game. A chance to do it again…a chance to make a wrong, right!

I would bet that there are those that are in jail for drunk driving that would love a “Do-Over”. I imagine there are spouses that have made mistakes in their marriages that would love a “Do-Over”. Maybe there is something wrong in your life…from which You need a “Do-Over”.

Jesus tells a story, a parable, about such a situation in Luke 15. The story is known as the Prodigal Son. The parable tells of a young man that has lost his way in life. How he hit bottom and ultimately finds his way home. The good news is that if we follow the son’s pattern, we too can have a “Do-Over”

Join us at 9:00 a.m. at the 12 Hours of Jesus and learn more about how Jesus can give you a “Do Over” to your life!

Dennis Hogan, Minister
Elizabethtown, Kentucky