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2017 Theme:

Stand Up for Jesus!

Saturday May 20, 2017

Colvin Community Center - Radcliff, KY

12 Sessions | 12 Topics | 12 Speakers!

What does it mean to ‘Stand Up for Jesus’ and more importantly...why is it so important? In our ‘Christian nation’, are we not standing up for Jesus by default?

To answer that, let’s start by making a few observations. Just look at the world around us. It is divided and divisive. It is angry. It is scared. It is self indulgent. It is greedy. Its morality is spiraling out of control. Right seems to wrong and wrong seems to be right. For a ‘Christian nation’, it doesn’t seem to look and act like a people that is displaying the characteristics of Jesus, our perfect example. Instead, the world around us is largely WITHOUT Jesus! Oh, it, in many respects, will claim to be followers of Jesus, but as Jesus said: ‘We shall know them by their fruits’ (Matt. 7:16).

So to TRULY ‘Stand Up for Jesus’ requires much more than to simply acknowledge the existence of Jesus or to merely CLAIM to ‘follow’ him. To TRULY ‘Stand Up for Jesus’ we must live as he lived (1 Peter 2:21); “Let Our Light Shine” (Matt. 5:16); and preach the gospel to others so they might do likewise.

Come to the 12 Hours of Jesus and learn more how we can all ‘Stand Up for Jesus’!

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