You Are Invited!

12 Hours of Jesus Event
Theme: Benefits of Jesus

Saturday January 9, 2021

Pritchard Community Center
404 S Mulberry St.
Elizabethtown, KY 42701

12 Sessions  | 12 Topics | 12 Speakers!...All About Jesus!
Come for One Session...Stay for as many as you like!...Leave When You Must

FREE Bible to All Attendees!

The Benefits of Jesus

(What Do You Need?)

Why do we go to work every day? Sometimes to a job that we hate? Is it really something that we enjoy doing? Are you crazy? After finishing 12 grueling years of K-12 education, why do so many choose to extend their educational journey and go for another 4, 6 or 8 years? Because they just love to study? Because they love school? No way! Why, as free people, do we choose to do so many things that we do not want to do?

In short, we do many things that superficially seem unpleasant because we understand that there are underlying benefits to doing them. We go to work every day because we earn a living for our family that allows us to put a roof over our heads, clothes on our back, food on the table along with so many other things that require money. We choose to attend college because of the belief that furthering our education will give us an advantage in the job market and that will provide a better living for our family.

There are many people that may look at Christianity the same way as a job or furthering education. Why would you do that? That can't be fun? Christianity can't be enjoyable! Certainly, I know no one that would label Christianity as fun or enjoyable, but every Christian I know would certainly see Christianity as rewarding, beneficial, and worth every single effort and sacrifice that is put into it. How can they say that? Because they are reaping the benefits and rewards that Jesus has to offer.

If you see Christianity as only a list of things that you cannot do...You are missing the BIG picture! You are missing the Benefits of Jesus! If you fall into that category, this event is for you! For 12 hours (broken down into 12 individual sessions), we will be looking at the benefits of Jesus like Joy, Peace, Love, Forgiveness, etc. Who amoung us could not use more of those things in our lives? Make plans now to attend this important event! You too might just see the Benefits of Jesus!