You Are Invited!

12 Hours of Jesus Event
Theme: Why Jesus?

Saturday December 28, 2019

Pritchard Community Center
404 S Mulberry St.
Elizabethtown, KY 42701

12 Sessions  | 12 Topics | 12 Speakers!
All About Jesus!

FREE Bible to All Attendees!

Why Jesus?

Because, frankly... No One Else Can!

Why is the world in such chaos today? Because we as a society we have pushed God out! We have pushed Him out of our public discourse. We have pushed God out of our schools, our work places and public squares. We have, in many cases, even pushed Him out of our places of worship!

We as a whole and we as individuals need MORE Jesus...Not less! We need Jesus in our society. We Need Jesus in our families and we need Jesus in our individual lives!

Why? Because We Need a Mediator to God...and NO one else can do it! Because We Need a Teacher...and there is not like Jesus! Because We Need an Example to follow...and Only Jesus was Perfect! Because We Need a Savior...and there is no other that qualifies! Because We Need a New Start...and ONLY Jesus can give us a do-over!

Why Jesus? Because Jesus Is More Than a Baby! Because He is God! Because Jesus is the Light of the World! Because Jesus is THE King of Kings! Because He was the Promised Messiah! Because He is THE Way, Truth & Life!

Why Jesus? Because Jesus is Eternal... and So Are You!

Come to our 12 Hours of Jesus event on Saturday, December 28,2019 to learn more about Jesus. To learn more about Why Jesus is the only solution and No one else will do!